Build Trust and Authority 与 User-Centric Experiences

October 3, 2023
By 客人

要想在市场营销、客户获取和长期品牌忠诚度方面取得成功,你必须做到这一点 create stellar user-centric experiences. 

虽然你的企业可能在买家角色和受众定位方面有经验, ‘user-centric’ may be an unfamiliar term. 你如何让你的网站完全以用户为中心,同时还能推动销售和其他商业目标? 

Here’s a look at what user-centric experiences are, how they work, and how you can use them to build much more trust and authority in your website.

What Are User-Centric Experiences?

User-centric experiences are branded experiences that focus on user satisfaction, intuitiveness (ease of use), and overall positive user outcomes. A user-centric experience might include:

  • 一个客户来到你的网站,一个地理位置过滤器识别他们的位置,为他们提供相关的内容
  • 客户通过网站上的清晰按钮BBIN通用版下载客户支持, 并立即得到解决技术问题所需的帮助
  • 客户到达您的网站,并能够快速找到快速加载, helpful content 与out thinking too hard 

In each of these experiences, the unifying factor is that it is easy and enjoyable for the user to interact 与 your brand. In most cases a great user experience is invisible to the user; the actions required to complete a need are almost effortless, to the point where they aren’t thinking about the website at all.

以用户为中心的体验可以与更关注品牌寿命的网站体验形成对比, marketing returns, and other business goals. 当你 do need to get your message across and drive sales through your site, 做到这一点的最佳方法是关注用户的关键需求,让完成任务变得简单而诱人. 

What is User-Centric UX 设计?

User-centric UX design, also called user-centric design or UCD, is an iterative approach to web development that focuses on building and revamping your website以用户为中心的体验和访客满意度是你的首要任务

UCD can be understood by looking at its four major phases:

  1. 了解你网站的用户是谁——根据痛点将他们分为主要和次要受众
  2. 指定用户需要在您的站点上做什么(或使用特定元素), such as a particular page or form)
  3. 设计ing solutions to make your website, or the target interaction, much more user-friendly and enjoyable
  4. 根据需求评估结果,然后继续迭代

As an example, 你可能有一个极简主义的网站,有一个吸引人的主页,在屏幕的左边有一个整洁的嵌套菜单. 然而, many of your users complain that the left-hand navigation menu isn’t clear, or is hard to reach on mobile devices. 

以用户为中心的方法是重新设计和重建站点的导航,使其能够从所有页面清晰地访问, 然后用你的一些目标受众来测试你网站的新版本.

结果? 你的网站使用起来更愉快,更容易浏览,这 leads to more conversions

把以用户为中心的UX设计看作是一种把用户放在第一位的BBIN软件下载和开发的哲学方法. This can only benefit your brand in the long run!

How to Instill Trust and Brand Authority in Your Site

Looking for specific ways to implement user-centric design, and build up trust and brand authority through your website? 有几种方法可以让你利用UCD来获得即时收益.

1. 设计 Your Site to Facilitate Authoritative Content Discovery

Chances are your brand is already producing authoritative content like blog posts, white papers, 教程, 和更多的, 但这不会有任何好处,除非你的目标访问者通过其他页面进入网站,可以找到并看到你的博客内容.

Set up or redesign your website 与 a focus on content relationships – gentle nudges toward related content that a user might find interesting, 放置在整个站点的BBIN软件下载点,用户可能会考虑结束他们的旅程. 这可以帮助您的受众快速轻松地发现权威内容,并且 stay on your site longer

For instance, 您可能有一个旋转木马,显示与BBIN软件下载相同主题的相关博客文章, or case studies related to a service page, which demonstrate your work in that area. 相关内容的附加好处是添加内部链接,帮助b谷歌和其他搜索引擎抓取您的站点并获得上下文. 

In any case, 你的客户找到你的权威内容的难度就越小, the faster they will subconsciously trust your brand and its claims regarding products and services.

2. Put Social Proof Front and Center

Social proof is highly necessary in this day and age. 如果没有足够的信息,大多数在线购物者不会承诺购买,甚至不会迈出转化的第一步 recent, positive testimonials vouching for that brand.

在你的网站上添加任何社会证明,比如积极的评论或推荐视频. 这是一种以用户为中心的体验增强,可以立即解决客户可能存在的任何挥之不去的担忧或担忧. Placing social proof near conversion points like CTA buttons or sign-up forms is a great way to boost completions. 

Additionally, 你可以包括在这些社交证明视频或用户推荐中提到的产品或服务的描述, 因此,新访客可以立即看到哪些产品吸引了你的老客户的积极反应.

3. Solve Pain Points Immediately (or Show That You Can)

Based on research or feedback, 你应该已经知道你的客户和目标访问者分享的痛点是什么. It is in your best interest to prove that you can solve those pain points immediately. 

With social proof, it’s more about ‘show, “不要说”——但清楚地说明你将如何解决用户的问题也是可以的. Make your differentiator part of your brand storytelling.

这是以用户为中心的设计的核心元素,越早完成越好. For instance, have your homepage spell out the hypothetical pain point a new visitor has, 然后添加一个按钮,将客户直接链接到该痛点的解决方案.

4. Ensure Mobile Accessibility

最后, 不要忘记建立和维护你的网站,这样它不仅可以被手机用户访问,也可以被其他用户访问 highly navigable on mobile devices

超过 half of all Internet traffic comes from mobile devices, 所以你的品牌必须预料到,许多访问者会在智能手机和平板电脑上浏览内容,使用你的菜单和其他导航元素. 

To that end: 

  • 确保压缩或最小化网站上加载的额外视觉元素或视频文件
  • 避免强迫移动用户在开始与你的内容交互之前加载几个不同的视频或动画元素
  • Use a tool to convert HEIC to JPG 图片(如果需要的话)可以在不影响加载时间的情况下使内容更具视觉吸引力
  • Reduce HTTP requests where possible
  • 设计你所有的按钮,这样它们就可以用手指或拇指轻敲,就像用鼠标光标点击一样容易 

These little touches will go a long way toward improving brand trust among your customers.


适当构建以用户为中心的体验能够创造出最大化用户忠诚度的奇迹, user satisfaction, and conversion rates online. Strong user-centric experiences will make your website an absolute joy for your target visitors to navigate, increasing the likelihood that they’ll make a purchase, sign up for your email newsletter, and convert in other positive, desirable ways. 

Keep these tips in mind when revamping and revitalizing your brand website, and reach out if you want to get expert help! 

Nahla Davies

Nahla Davies is a software developer and tech writer. Before devoting her work full time to technical writing, 除了其他有趣的事情外,她还设法在一家公司担任首席程序员. 5,000 experiential branding organization whose clients include Samsung, Time Warner, 网飞公司, 和索尼.